Easy fundraising for your school, club or community group

It's easy, open to everyone and good for the environment.

Fundraising for your school

Are you looking for another way to raise money for your school? Recycling with us will help you raise funds for new books, instruments or anything else your school needs. You'll help to clean up your neighbourhood and have an opportunity for students to learn about recycling and sustainability.

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Fundraising for your club

If you want to raise money for your team or your club, recycling is a better option for fundraising. For new uniforms, equipment or anything else your team needs, recycling with us will get you to your goal quicker. And you'll help to keep your neighbourhood clean and beautiful.

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Fundraising for community groups

Would you like to raise money for your community group? Girl Guides, Men's Shed, CWA, your Writer's group - if you're a member of a community group and would like an effective and easy way to raise funds, you should recycle with us.

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Let's do the math

A local junior footy club, with 200 kids, decides to run a recycling fundraiser.

If each member brings in 5 containers to training once a week, that's $100 per week!

How it works



Collect eligible containers.


Return your containers to us

Earn Money

Get a 10c refund for every eligible container
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Eligible vs Ineligible

Eligible containers

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard drink containers between 150ml and 3L are eligible for a refund.

Ineligible containers

Ineligible containers include all plain milk bottles, wine bottles, pure spirit bottles, cordial and registered health tonics. Pure juice containers over 1L (or under 150ml) are also ineligible.

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